Highest breathability performance shell fabric

High performance fabrics with a conscience

Currently the market offers various levels of waterproof and breathable technologies;

  1. Coatings
  2. Membranes (PTFE, PU etc)
  3. Nano technology

Nano technology…
what’s that?

The name “Nano” means; “Dwarf” in Latin.
This refers to a measure which is so small it is below the normal way of measuring things.

So how does this relate to textiles?

  • In Nano textile applications, it means that Nano particles (fibres) are applied to the face of fabrics which give them a “peach” type finish (unable to be seen or felt) that keeps water and stains off the fabric below and prevents it from soaking into the face fabric.
  • This means they do not have to use harmful chemical treatments.

This technology is based on Nanoweb (a web construction layer with a polymer solution applied by Nano technology) which make the web completely waterproof and super breathable, this is then laminated to the face fabric.

GEO-NANO offers;

  • Outstanding breathability particularly when compared to other market leading fabrics
  • Very high levels of waterproof performance
  • Super durable DWR PFC free water-repellency of the face fabric
  • Very light and soft hand feel
  • Bluesign approval

Garments made in GEO-NANO are perfect for all year-round use but particularly when high breathability is important; high activity sports, mountaineering, cycling, running, cross country skiing etc.