Geo-therm Reflect

High tech body heat reflection performance

Keeping warm just got easier

Currently the market offers various levels of insulating technologies;

  1. Down
  2. Man-made polyester fillings
  3. Fleece

These 3 options all offer differing levels of both performance and cost.

And whilst all allow for a good level of insulation they all have their strengths and weaknesses.

As the need for speed demands lighter and more compact layering solutions the best option is to reduce the bulk and weight of the insulation by boosting the garments heat retention level.

GEO-THERM Reflect can be;

  1. Combined with any filling to boost performance
  2. Used to reduce the fill volume yet maintain the performance of the garment
  3. Used to reduce the bulk and weight of a garment
  4. Used on its own as a liner to create heat retention in lightweight non-insulated garments

Garments made using GEO-THERM Reflect are perfect for spring/summer when used just as an inter-liner or ideally for winter use when partnered with performance fillings to create the best lightweight packable option available.

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High performance insulation solutions

For performance that you can trust

THERMOLITE® has an enviable reputation for keeping the temperature up and the pack size down.

THERMOLITE® Poly Down FL3 offers a high loft man-made alternative to traditional down fillings.
With better wet weather performance and lower cost than down this meets many people’s needs for a high warmth to weight ratio insulation which is anti-bacterial and kind to ducks!

THERMOLITE® Ball NIR utilises the latest “near infrared fibre” technology absorbing NIR rays to raise the garments temperature and minimise on heat loss. This offers the option of using less fill power for the same heat value.

THERMOLITE® T3; if it’s an ECO friendly recyclable filling you require than look no further.
With mid loft performance and multiple weights THERMOLITE® T3 offers affordable performance
with a conscience.