Geo-tech Micro

Very light and tightly woven soft shell without membrane

Very light and tightly woven soft shell without membrane

Why is there not a windproof, lightweight, 100% breathable but water-resistant soft shell fabric on the market… there is now!

Currently in the market there are 3 main types of soft shell fabrics;

  1. 3 layer (heavy, bulky and not very breathable)
  2. 2 layer (still quite heavy and bulky but also not windproof or water-resistant because no membrane)
  3. Single layer knitted (not windproof or water-resistant)

In summer or warmer weather conditions soft shell is much less popular because of the above disadvantages.

When used with a membrane this makes the garment less breathable and stiff.

When used without it’s generally less wind and water-resistant; if at all.


GEO-TECH Micro offers a solution to these issues;

It is a very tightly woven single face fabric which means it is;

  1. 100% breathable (no membrane)
  2. Highly windproof (super tightly woven)
  3. Very water-resistant due to a PFC free treatment and its tight knit
  4. Lightweight
  5. Packable
  6. Not too warm
  7. Not at all bulky

Garments made in GEO-TECH Micro are perfect for spring/summer use (because they are lightweight, packable, wind and water-resistant and not too warm) and make for a great windproof layer.
When combined with a GEO-TECH Lite shell jacket in cooler/worse weather conditions this becomes the perfect layering system.

Because the GEO-TECH Micro does not have a membrane it breathes unrestricted under a shell jacket (with a normal soft shell there would be two membranes making the combination almost non-breathable).

Geo-tech LITE

Lightweight waterproof & breathable shell fabrics

Lightweight waterproof & breathable shell fabrics

That age old question… is it going to rain, do I need to take a jacket?

Currently in the market there are 3 main performance shell fabric types used in garments;

  1. 3 layer (often heavy, stiff and expensive) good for mountaineering and very heavy rain use
  2. 2.5 layer (expensive, sticky inner face, poor feel against skin)
  3. 2 layer lined (bulky, heavier, not so good in hot weather because of lining, medium performance)

Traditionally the only single layer garments have been the basic packaway rain jacket
style garments.

These are usually budget products which don’t have good design, performance or hand feel; they are too bulky and heavy for activity sports.

These are generally used by occasional users/holiday makers/people on a low budget.


GEO-TECH Lite offers a solution to these issues;

  1. It is waterproof, windproof and breathable
  2. It is lightweight; (230grm for a full garment)
  3. It is packable
  4. It has a “dry touch” coating which is good against the skin and yet still performs
  5. It has a PFC free water-repellent treatment to create beading and prevent wetting-out
  6. It is affordable whilst still being fully waterproof and breathable

Garments made in GEO-TECH Lite are perfect for spring/summer use and make for great packable lightweight shell jackets in cooler/worse weather conditions when worn over a fleece, soft shell or even an insulated jacket; perfect over a GEO-TECH Micro soft shell jacket!

Geo-tech STORM

Powerful performance protection

Powerful performance protection

Sometimes you just know its going to be wet but you gotta go anyway!

Then there is the need for the highest level of waterproofness, breathability that can handle the conditions and a robust and trustworthy partner.

GEO-TECH Storm offer all this and more

Lightweight shells often suffer in very heavy weather from the effects of compression which rob the body of heat and gradually wet out.

Driving wind and rain are still the most difficult conditions to make progress in whilst still maintaining a smile on your face, GEO-TECH Storm redresses the balance and makes for a welcome ally in the fight to make your destination a realistic goal.


Geo-tech DRY

Super breathable water-resistant adrenaline sport fabric

Super breathable water-resistant adrenaline sport fabric

When there’s a need for speed and no time to stop then GEO-TECH Dry offers the perfect solution.

Currently the market offers 3 main types of mid-layer garments;

  1. Fleece (often too warm in summer, not windproof or water-resistant)
  2. Soft shell (often heavy, bulky, stiff, not breathable enough)
  3. Insulated garments (much too warm in summer, bulky)

The majority of summer mid-layers are either too warm or not wind or water-resistant.

For high activity adrenaline sports when the need is to move fast and stop less these options are often found to be less than ideal.

GEO-TECH Dry offers a solution to these issues;

  1. It is 100% breathable (due to the multitude of micro holes in the fabric)
  2. It is highly water-resistant (due to a PFC free WR treatment)
  3. It is lightweight
  4. It is packable
  5. It has a PFC free treatment to allow the outer to bead and resist wetting-out

Garments made in GEO-TECH Dry are perfect for spring/summer use because they are
100% breathable, lightweight, packable, water & wind-resistant and not too warm.

They make for ideal high activity garments when breathability without warmth is required.

When worn under a shell jacket in heavy rain it’s the perfect layer as it has no membrane
so breathes better than a soft shell.

The ideal partner over base layer and under a GEO-TECH Lite shell jacket!


Geo-tech ELASTIC

Performance stretch fabrics with more than meets the eye

Performance stretch fabrics with more than meets the eye

Stretch and water-resistant?

Whether it’s stand-alone use in a stretch performance pant or a panel partner in a jacket GEO-TECH Elastic offers the best option for maxing out the need for stretch and comfort in high activity sports.

With the option of DWR treatment which guarantees rain shedding properties whilst still stretching and moving with you this fabric offers both the comfort and performance every active outdoor user needs.