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Everyone is aware of the impact plastics, chemicals and harmful emissions have on our planet.

Most agree that the changes in climate and extreme weather occurrences we see on a day to day, season to season, year to year basis are driven by the undesirable side effects of these pollutants.

Many would like to lead a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

GEO ECO; working to reduce the impact of performance products

From the birth of the GEO brand the intention was to bring to market fabric and technologies that would lessen the negative impact on the environment of technical performance products.

Today we start that journey…


• PFC free treatments used across all performance fabrics; see our ECO BIONIC page
• Recycled face fabrics
• Recycled linings
• 100% recycled & recyclable face fabrics
• 100% recycled & recyclable membranes
• Bio-degradable garment bags

GEO ECO; working to reduce the impact of performance products


Today we start that journey… click to see all GEO ECO fabrics

• Repels water
• Repels water based soiling substances
• Wash-resistant
• Durable up to 20 wash cycles (40ºC)
• No fluorinated compounds
• Formaldehyde-free
• Resistant to abrasion and wear
• No detrimental effect on breathability
• Cost-effective alternative to fluorocarbon resin finishing
• Suitable for all fiber types